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West and Co. Jewelers
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Webster, NY 14580

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West and Co. Jewelers is your custom jeweler. We use the designs by David W. Nytch, an award winning designer, master goldsmith and Certified Appraiser with more than thirty years experience to meet all your jewelry needs. Staffed with such great master jewelers, we are the answer for all your questions.

When you are looking for unique jewelry, you need to meet with a jeweler face to face.
Most jewelry sold on the Internet is from large online jewelers such as Blue Nile, which sells mass-produced jewelry.  Very, very little custom jewelry is sold online. Come by West and Co. today to meet with our professional jewelers.

While large chain jewelry stores found at shopping malls also sell the mass produced jewelry that online jewelers carry, most all local independent jewelry stores employ a highly skilled jeweler. These jewelers can design and create custom made jewelry on the on site.  Not only is limited edition jewelry created in these stores but also one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry is designed and created for their clients.  The customer can be involved in the designing of the jewelry as well as seeing and approving the jewelry at various stages of its creation.

Another problem with not meeting with a retail jeweler, is that when you buy on the Internet all the jewelry based on a picture, which is most always enhanced in PhotoShop before being added to the website.  At a local independent jewelry store you not only see the actual piece of jewelry you are buying you can also examine it under a microscope to evaluate the quality of the jewelry and the gemstones. Seeing is believing.

Unlike with master jewelers, diamond suppliers love Internet Jewelers.  Professional jewelers at local independent jewelry stores examine large parcels of diamonds from their suppliers and choose the best diamonds for their inventory and return the rest to the supplier.  In the past these suppliers were stuck with the remaining diamonds.  Today diamond suppliers can sell these left over diamonds after they have been picked through by professional jewelers and sell them to online jewelers who unload them on an unsuspecting (and uninformed) customer.

Drop by today and see how a professional jeweler can help you at West and Co.