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Michael's Jewelry Center
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Dayton, Ohio 45459

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Michaels Jewelry Center is your engagement ring destination. Stepping into our jewelry center, you'll see first hand how we are here to fulfill your every jewelry need. The Ohio Gemological Laboratory is on our premises and ready to provide jewelry appraisals and diamond certifications to the public.  Our bridal rings are extensive, ensuring that will be something for everyone.

The first step in finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is to determine your budget. One general rule of thumb when buying a diamond engagement ring is two months salary. This rule of thumb was gathered from a survey over a two year period. However, remember that this is just a guideline; it is not carved in stone. You should always keep in mind what you can comfortably afford, so you will not end up with a source of conflict in your new marriage.

The next important part of the wedding band is the carat size. Deciding on carat size is really about striking a balance between size and quality. If she prefers larger jewelry items, and you are working within a budget, you can still find a larger diamond of excellent quality gem by selecting one, which is graded slightly lower in terms of color and clarity.